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This Croatian quiz will let you know how well you know the Croatian culture and mentality.

There are 15 multiple choice questions which cover everyday situations. You can choose one of three answers. At the end of the quiz, you'll know which type of Croat you are.

This will tell you how...:

  • well you fit into the Croatian lifestyle
  • successful you are in getting things done in Croatia
  • important your family and friends are to you
  • important your professional life is to you
  • socially accepted you feel in Croatia
  • savvy you are at solving problems in everyday life
  • stressful Croatian everyday life is to you

And this is not all.

With each score, you get a description of your type. And a few useful guidelines on how to best use your unique skills to improve your life in Croatia.

You also get a nice badge that you can share with your friends on the social media.

So let's dig in!

Please take the results of the quiz with a pinch of salt. The point is to have fun and learn as much as possible about the Croatian everyday life and our worldviews. 

Why you should take this quiz

You can take the quiz even if you are living in Croatia and you believe you know all the ins and outs of the local life. The chances are some of you may feel out of sorts. You may be wondering why you don't fit in. Or why you constantly feel like you don't belong. 

Did you know that you can actually be a bit of an outcast even in your own country? 

Similarly, some people may feel more 'Croatian' even if they don't have a Croatian bone in their body. 

According to some research, we can are born to feel at home in some countries and not others. And this is totally random. Our true home may not be the country in which we are born. 

So, if you are still not sure if you should take the quiz or not... well, why shouldn't you. It's fun. 

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  • I got pure Croat, I’ve always wondered how I would go living there but I’ve never even visited.

    My Dad was born there and came to Australia where I was born.

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