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By Andrea Pisac - 80 Comments - October 4, 2020 min read

This Croatian quiz will let you know how well you know the Croatian culture and mentality.

There are 15 multiple choice questions which cover everyday situations. You can choose one of three answers. At the end of the quiz, you’ll know which type of Croat you are.

This will tell you:

  • how well you fit into the Croatian lifestyle
  • how successful you are in getting things done in Croatia
  • how important your family and friends are to you
  • how important your professional life is to you
  • how socially accepted you feel in Croatia
  • how savvy you are at solving problems in everyday life
  • how stressful Croatian everyday life is to you

And this is not all.

With each score, you get a description of your type. And a few useful guidelines on how to best use your unique skills to improve your life in Croatia.

You also get a nice badge that you can share with your friends on the social media.

So let’s dig in!

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  1. Hi Andrea. As I was taking this test I knew my honest answers were terrifyingly American – I had a pretty good idea of what I SHOULD have answered to sound more Croatian. I had to laugh because I am totally “lost in Croatia”. Such a rule follower.

  2. My result: I am lost in Croatia…oh boy. Nice to know. Personal principals take a long time to establish and are a lifelong possession…or habit if you will. But to discard them is to lose on a quiz or two. So be it. I’d rather be lost. Or maybe I should re-look my principals and start all over again? Ha!

    1. Don’t worry, Roman. This quiz is not a competition. πŸ™‚ I don’t think you should change your principles at all. Diversity in values is a great thing and so much needed in Croatia πŸ™‚

      1. Croatia is the most beautiful country in the world, and Zagreb is the most beautiful city, and there is no Sea as Plavi Jadran.

  3. Hi Andrea,
    Loved this. I too am “Lost in Croatia” because I answered truthfully. I will be in Croatia again in a few months and will pay particular attention to those around me while enjoying my coffee ☺️

  4. I was thinking like an american and was ‘totally lost in Croatia’. I am looking forward to the experience this Sep.

  5. Answering honestly I get “lost in Croatia” repeating the test as I know the things are going on in Croatia I get “pure Croatian”.
    Great Test

  6. Ha, I am a Croat with a twist! Helps to have friends in Solin, and your great blog Andrea! Honing our skills for retirement to…

  7. Very amusing. Pure croat from three time visitor to Zagreb. Only thing missing was question about taxi. Hvala!

      1. tweaking of meters, long routes, pretend no english.

        uber changing all that though.

        last time i was there even tho using GPS, what should have been 100 kuna from airport to apartment ended up being 280 kuna. don’t trust cabbies in zagreb at airport. same in bucharest.

        just get an uber and you know what it costs straight away. also, music not as loud. heheh.

  8. I’m Croat with a twist, I’m heading there in May and with the way politics are going in the US, I probably will want to stay forever!
    What are the procedures for immigrating??

    1. Great, Margot. I am sure Croatia will be happy to welcome more foreigners who want to settle here. You need to check the immigration procedure with the Croatian embassy in the US.

  9. Ah, Andrea…I just made filane paprike and palacinke for dinner, only to learn that I am ‘Lost in Croatia’…? Down, girl!

  10. Enjoyed doing the test Andrea. I scored Pure Croat, but I confess, being born Downunder to Croatian parents, there are definitely 2 quite different people in me – one Croatian and one Other – and they often are at odds with each another. Doing this test I was pleased to see that the Croatian One is alive and well (and overdue for a visit to Croatia – including beautiful Zagreb!).

    1. Glad you enjoyed the test, Angela. It’s really interesting to see how Croats abroad all have two sides to their person. I think this is actually great. You can pick and choose and most of all, you are more aware of the way different societies work!

  11. Croatian born and raised, and, apparently lost too. Thanks for the fun test πŸ™‚ & keep up the good work :*

  12. Loved the test, need more like it…. I’m a “pure Croat” and very proud.. though some of the questions had 2 possible answers, you know us Croats… looking forward to going there in a week.. πŸ™‚

  13. I got Lost in Croatia. Which is funny because I am Croatian, have lived here in Zagreb all my life, my family is from Croatia and it doesn’t get more Croatian than that. However, apparently, you have to be a corrupt person who a avoids the rules of the civilized society to be what you call a “pure Croat”. It is quite offensive, I must say, but then again, I guess we all function in stereotypes. Be as it may, I am sorry if this is your perception of Croatia and of my compatriots.

    1. So, apparently, I am a corrupt person who avoids the rules of the civilized society. You see, “offensive” works both ways.

  14. Found the test interesting. Enjoyed taking it.
    Love Croatia and the Croation people. Had the privilege of visiting there to find relatives.
    There is a strong presence of Croats here in America.

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. I am glad you enjoyed the quiz. Yes, I know there are many Croats in the US. It’s a great thing to be able to connect like this online.

      1. And then I’d done it again, but without “Oh, I should put this”, but really what I think now and would do now. Damn, am I lost, or what? So, I was right after all. LOL
        Thanks again

  15. I got Pure Croat.

    I kind of expected it, as I live my entire life not caring about the stressful things in life, I am cynical of sheepish things people do (like waiting in line for anything), I never vote, and I am also a proud subscriber to cronyism (only friends and only family for everything).

    Pretty accurate description of a Croat in one sentence.

  16. I am the one with the twist, croatian born and raised, married to a Dutch, past 16 years lived and worked in Western Europe.
    Funny enough my Dutch husband is pure Croat! Thanks to my good influence!!!

  17. Even though I was very suspicious, I think the test is not bad. At least in my case it reflected the correct feeling of how I feel in Croatia. I grew up abroad, I am Croat, I lived in various countries, however, never felt more a stranger than “at home” in Croatia. Nonetheless, I still love Croatia! πŸ™‚

  18. Did the test twice. No score as such shown but says I’m ‘Out of place’ in Croatia with a summary. Oh hum! I still love the country and its people even though I’ve only been to Zagreb once (last December) and before that was waaay back in 1979 on my first honeymoon!


  20. Dear Andrea,

    Thank you for your wonderful blog! I’m from Bulgaria and I’m preparing for my first trip to Zagreb in November. πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to share with you that I took the test to see how much I resemble Croats. Since I didn’t know what to answer I decided to pick the options that the average Bulgarian would choose. You can’t believe what I got! It’s “Pure Croat”, LOL! I didn’t expect we were so similar. πŸ˜€

    I loved your articles about saying thank you, Croation coffee habits and the Zagreb weather – in Bulgaria we have the exact same habits, beliefs and superstitions. Now I feel prepared to visit your country. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work and all the best! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Hristina – wow, this is really interesting. I’m glad my quiz helped you get prepared for Croatia. I travelled in Bulgaria several times and I think it’s a fair assessment that we are quite similar πŸ™‚

  21. Of course I’m lost in Hrvatska – I was in Dalmatia the whole time ;P

    Using the word “displaced” was perfect – many of us from migrant / cross-cultural backgrounds are home everywhere and nowhere. Lucky we’re adaptable lil’ f**kers <3

  22. Hi Andrea
    First I answered as me and was lost in Croatia, then I took the test again and thought of my Croatian friends whilst I answered, now I get Croat with a twist. Perfect, that describes exactly how I have felt in your wonderful country. I find Croatia welcoming, respectful, full of life and energy. Your offering this test has just added a little to my understanding of why I feel that way when I visit.
    Thank You

  23. I’m a Croatian but I got “Lost in Croatia” , well that is …. :/
    Actually I think that this quiz was stereotypical but it was funny

  24. Honestly so stereotypical
    But mostly 99% true at the same time
    I’m from Zagreb
    So I took the quiz out of curiosity if I would get some silly answer
    But I got a pure croat
    So i guess it’s not that wrong
    I really like your blog and it is nice to see that people enjoy our country πŸ™‚

      1. My quiz says I’m Pure Croat,I’ve always known I have a connybut don’t know what it is??? It feels good though!!!!

  25. I am lost in Croatia. I must be shown the way by a local. I guess I am more Canadian than Croatia……for now.

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