Croatian recipes for all seasons and tastes

Learn to cook authentic Croatian dishes that made your ancestors healthy, strong and happy.

Croatian food is simple but hearty; easy but full of flavor. To enjoy its tastes to the fullest, you must understand the wisdom and the culture of eating in Croatia. I’ll show you how.

Why you should eat and cook like a Croat

If you have Croatian roots, you already know that Croatian cooking is healthy and homely. These three features make our dishes so very tasty and nourishing.


Croatian recipes have no shortcuts. Food is prepared at home, from scratch. The flavour comes from quality ingredients but also from slow culinary techniques. 


Our traditional dishes always use seasonal ingredients. But Croatian eating culture also teaches you when to eat fresh, when to ferment, preserve, dry or cure. 


Croatian time-tested recipes reveal the wisdom of balanced, mindful eating. We can learn to respect and sustain our planet from how our ancestors cooked and ate. 

croatian eating cultures

Enjoying Croatian dishes is much more than recreating Croatian recipes. You must first understand how we eat: our rituals, the meaning of our favourite foods, our cooking techniques. And most of all, how we behave around food.

sweet croatian recipes

Croatian sweets are our ultimate comfort food. They are hearty, but not too sweet. The best ones are those made and served at home. So if you have a sweet tooth, you will want to check my easy-to-follow recipes and get baking.

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Croatian cookbooks

Sold in thousands already, Croatian Desserts features 50 authentic, easy-to-follow dessert recipes. The glossy cookbook boasts more than 500 color images with step-by-step baking method.

With 100 savory recipes and 700 images, Croatian Classics is the only cookbook you'll ever need to master the delights of Croatian cuisine.  What's best, all the ingredients are expressed both in metric and imperial measures - no more conversions. 

savory croatian recipes

Croatians know how to mix and match healthy, one-pot meals, simple grilled delights with seriously delicious carbs. The trick is balance, and always making sure you feed both your body and soul.

croatian drinks

Two most famous drinks you are likely to enjoy in Croatia are coffee and rakija (brandy). We enjoy them in various ways and combinations. And we are also a wine ccountry - wink, wink. 

Croatian Christmas Food

Holiday food is extremely important in Croatia. We make our festive menus extravagant and abundant. There are also many interesting culinary traditions during Advent and Christmas, such as fasting and feasting.

Francuska salata didn't come from France. And for a Croatian person, French

Croatian Christmas food is simple, hearty and delicious. In fact, it’s no

Mulled wine is a traditional drink which spices up Christmas all over

Christmas in Croatia used to be celebrated only at homes until a

Andrea Pisac

Why everyone is crazy about Croatian recipes and why you should learn from me

In recent years people have discovered traditional Croatian recipes. They can’t put their finger on why the local food is so tasty. Something is different from the mass-produced dishes, from trendy flavours, even from the posh stuff served by high-end chefs.

Let me tell you the secrets. First off, Croatian recipes are wholesome. They are simple, down-to-earth and commonly passed down from mothers to daughters. This face-to-face transfer of culinary knowledge is why the majority of Croatian households still enjoy home cooked food on a daily basis. Knowing how to cook is a default in Croatia.

Unfortunately, even life in Croatia has sped up. Younger generations often skip the important in-person culinary mentoring. Croatians living abroad are especially craving easy-to-follow recipes.

But because our Mums and Grandmas take being able to cook for granted, their recipes are very short and incomplete. This is the reason why I decided to write my Croatian Desserts cookbook. And the reason why I continue publishing recipes on this blog.

I decode traditional Croatian recipes into manageable steps. I explain why some ingredients are used and in which way. I give you guidance on how to substitute typical Croatian ingredients with the international ones. Most of all, I am precise and to the point, unlike your Gran who followed her intuition, experience and sense of touch.

What you need to know about food seasons and eating rituals

Our small Western world is the world of constant abundance. But this is not how nature works. She is in flux, she changes through seasons and these seasons bring riches as well as restrictions.

The way our parents and grandparents ate reflected the change of seasons. They knew what fruit was in season. When it was available fresh and how it was preserved, dried or fermented.

There is wisdom in embracing nature’s scarcity. In the winter, it is wise to eat more grains and meat. With the dwindling supplies of vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables, we cook sauerkraut with a touch of smoked meat. This is a well-balanced meal, as nature intended.

All of my recipes follow these ancient culinary principles. I will always tell you when to prepare and eat certain dishes.

Many eating rituals in Croatia follow the Christian customs of fasting. We eat light food before Christmas and Easter. But other seasonal occasions are also filled with interesting rules and reasonings.

Why is this important? Your health, first of all. But great looks is no small reason either. Ever wondered why Croatians are naturally slim and strong? Believe me, it has to do with seasonal eating and the cycles of fasting and feasting.

How you can save the planet by eating like a Croat

If you decided to eat like a Croatian elder, you’d be helping the planet in a big way. Our grandparent never knew the word sustainable but the way they treated their food produced a negligible carbon footprint.

Our grandparents did eat meat, but they did that rarely and at special occasions. Dishes such as lamb or veal peka style were prepared 2 or 3 times a year. Today, we serve them by thousands and think they are authentically Croatian.

This is both true and false. To appreciate Croatian recipes to the fullest, we need to embrace both what we eat and how we eat.

My recipes will always give you a background story. As a passionate food historian, I’ll teach you which culinary methods are green and planet friendly. We are rediscovering what our ancestors practiced decades ago. Think food foraging, fermenting, drying, curing, smoking...

All these methods are at the heart of many Croatian recipes. I am beyond excited to teach you how to cook them. Stick around and I’ll show you how to eat like a Croat. Eat smart, look great and feel strong.

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