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By Andrea Pisac - 20 Comments - May 4, 2019 min read

Where should YOU go in Croatia for a perfect holiday?

Croatian Destinations Quiz

You have your eyes set on Croatia. This year’s holidays are still waiting to be booked. Now you only need to decide where to visit in Croatia.

I know. It’s a problem. Because everywhere is just so darn gorgeous.

And what you see advertised is only a fraction of what could become your perfect Croatia vacation.

Where to visit in Croatia?

OK, OK… I won’t push your confusion further. You probably already feel overwhelmed by the number of places to visit in Croatia.

But before you make a choice, you need to know one crucial thing. Croatia may be relatively small, but it’s one of the most diverse countries in the world.

This is why you feel you want it all. The unspoilt nature of the Plitvice Lakes, the intriguing ancient Dubrovnik or Split, the scrumptious food and wine from Istria…

Believe me when I say it: you can’t have it all. Or at least not in a single visit. Don’t drive yourself crazy by spending each night at a different location. In Croatia, it’s the depth of your travels that matter, not the breadth and length.

Where to go in Croatia?

This is why I’ve devised this super clever quiz. Once you answer all the questions, it will tell you what type of a traveller you are. And by the end, you’ll get personalized recommendations for five must-see Croatian destinations – custom-made just for you.

You’ll finally discover the best places to visit in Croatia. For you, not for someone else. And you know the saying: every man to his taste…

So, are you a history buff, a culture vulture, a foodie, a nature lover or a wanderer? Take the quiz and find out. Maybe you’re into the best cities in Croatia. Or maybe you just want to chill and gaze into the sea. With a glass of wine, of course.

Just make sure you stick to the end of the quiz. There’s a super gift waiting for you at the other end!

If you liked this quiz, your next step is to test How Croatian are you!

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  • I did not get the quiz to answer . i don’t know what happened . Can I start over .PLEASE thanks Ann S

  • Obzirom da živim u Hrvatskoj, baš me zanimalo što će ispasti 🙂 I ispalo super! Sve sam predloženo već obišla! I opet ću, naravno, nikada ne stigneš pogledati i istražiti sve što te zanima.
    Hvala Andrea, bilo je zabavno odgovarati na pitanja.

  • Can’t get the quiz on my phone or tablet.
    I will just find a place with cheap accommodation, good food, somewhere to exercise and nice beach where I can sunbathe.

  • Thanks for this. Surprisingly, a lot of the places on my list happen to be where my family is from and/or currently lives. I always enjoy visiting and exploring – just wish I could get there more often.

  • Greetings Andrea,

    Appreciate the Travel test!!! I hold both Croatian and New Zealand Citizenship (born in New Zealand and granted Croatian Citizenship in 2008). Long process but worth every step along the way.

    My Baba and Dida immigrated from Croatia (old Country) to Northland, New Zealand – so I think you can guess that my appreciation for Croatia itself was to repay my heritage in kind by applying for full Croatian Citizenship, something more precious than words can explain.

    I have been back to Croatia 6 times, and will be due back in Sept/Oct 2020 for my next round of “home”

    There is nothing like standing on that soil, whether I am walking among the wildflowers, buying food in the local markets, enjoying every moment in Zagreb whether it be walking, tram, or bus, then heading to Zadar, Rijeka, Opatija, Pula, Hvar, Korcula,Cavtat, or inland like Vrgorac, Kozica – Croatia tells a story of both joy and hardship yet restores your soul wherever you may be.

    Thank you for giving us an insight to your choices – I travel from half a world away to drink my fill of what both the people and land have to offer.

    We are really blessed coming from this land – home in any language.

    Kindest regards
    Briar (Russell) Vuletich

  • Loved, loved, loved this article! Thank you!
    Dessert tonight for Christine, my daughter and her ‘beau’ who bc are hoping to visit Croatia next Spring.
    My husband and I enjoyed my ancestors homeland in 2004. Just wonderful!
    Christmas gifts for my family – your dessert cookbook!
    Thank you, Andrea!!

  • I have been many times in the Hrvatskej republike..I spent nice times especially at last time in Brela, Baška voda.. I am looking forward every summer to spend my vacation in this country..I love ocean ,I think Croatian people are common like we are..doesnt matter is it Balcans surroundings..if i could live there forever..:) Marco Polo – Korčula . I wish you all the best in the Croatia..

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    Find your perfect Croatian holiday

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