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We are building a smart, safe house for a Croatian family who lost it in the earthquake. 

In fact, YOU are building this house. We are here to channel and organize this endeavour. We are bringing the global Croatian community together to show something... That we are many, that we have a big heart, and that we always come together to help. 

You might be wondering...

Is building one complete home for one family a good enough start? A start to rebuild the earthquake-struck Croatia in a smart way? We think so.

We believe that starting with one complete house, a home for one family, is the best possible spring board. It means building a model house and setting an example which the government, the investors, and other relief funds can follow.

This is what happened when the earthquake struck

When the 6.2 earthquake hit Croatia on 29 December 2020, you asked me to do something. You wanted me to help you help the people who lost their homes.

We went there, to Strašnik village – the epicenter of the earthquake. We found no more homes. There is hardly a house that was spared from being damaged.

About 8500 buildings have been labelled uninhabitable in and around Petrinja. This number keeps growing.

The Salamun family lost their house for good too.

But this loss of home is made worse by the loss of hope. Becasue no one knows when they'll have a new roof over their head. 2 years maybe? This is what we are told in the news…

There is no shortage of volunteers and donations. But what can you really do with bricks, roof tiles and cement when your house flies the red label and you have no building experience?

This is what we want to do after the earthquake

There is another way. We can build a new house for the Salamuns. A home inspired by the traditional wooden architecture that will have all the modern and energy-saving features.

We believe that building one complete house for one family IS the new beginning. The smart way to rebuild central Croatia after earthquake.

We are building a self-sustainable, wooden house for the Salamuns in Strašnik, house number 66. But this house is also a model house for the future of the region.

croatia earthquake proof model house

3D visualization of our earthquake-proof house for the Salamun family

We need you to join our team. In fact - YOU ARE THE TEAM!

Building a house IS a big deal. We'll only be able to do it if we reach our budget goal. 

Remember, you are building this house. We are only organizing the project. 

There are two things you can do now.

First - GIVE to the campaign.

It can be even a token amount or an equivalent of buying us a round of drinks. We are a large community and even modest donations WILL amount to accomplishing this amazing project. 

Next, TELL THIS STORY to your friends. Bring them in. This house needs all hands on deck.

Because my best friend loves Croatia

Because Meryl Churchill is my best friend and I love to hear her talk about visiting Croatia. And I'm so sorry about those who lost their your houses. Please contribute, even a little.

Sandra Palmer

We want to give back to the beautiful people of Croatia

The beautiful people of Croatia, and their wonderful country have given us great pleasure over the years. With Covid my wife and I can’t be with you just now, but we would like to give something back.... Please help. Croatia is a beautiful nation in every way and is still recovering....

John Simmons , RETIRED

I trust Andrea to do the right thing.. best person ever!

Tis better to give than receive especially to those who are down and out. And I trust Andrea to do the right thing.. best person ever.. A young country struggling to get on it's knees and then this disaster happens on top of a Virus blitz, when your neighbour is down you pick them up and help them get back on their feet again. The same thing happened last year, come on, what nation can support three disasters in a row? We can stop the suffering. Please help.

james d a byrne , ?

I am so pleased to be able to help this family

I am drawn to the villages of my ancestors in Croatia in the Gorski Kotar. I am so pleased to be able to help this family in the village where they would like to stay! Please, this is a great initiative and the people leading it are honest and would like to help as many people as possible.

Jennifer Radosevich

Honoured to be part of this campaign

Honored to be able to support this campaign, building a home for one family but also generating local business in an environmentally sound, sustainable way.


Many small amounts can add up to a big help

Croatia -- the country and the heritage -- has brought so much joy and richness to me. In the Pacific Northwest, we are also in Earthquake Country -- and in these uncertain times, no one knows what unfortunate turn of events can bring any of us to this same place, needing positive thoughts, heartfelt prayers and practical assistance. Hvala for taking this on along with all else that you do for us to help others, Andrea and Nick! Many small amounts can add up to a big help!

Mary Sudar

Support these courageous survivors to rebuilt their lives

I am a second generation Croatian in the United States. My grandparents were born in Kotoriba. The Croatians are courageous people and need support during this disaster. Please support these courageous survivors to rebuilt their lives in the only home they have ever known.

Cynthia Smith , Contributor

We are supporting this project as it directly helps a family in need

We are supporting this project as it directly helps a family in need. We are also very interested in the use of modern and traditional architecture and building materials utilising a local labour force. We'll Done & Good Luck...!!! 🙂 Please DO...!!! Every Kuna and Euro will help this family get back to normal life in the quickest way possible.

Gary & Lisa Porter

Everyone should sacrifice a little luxury in order to help others

I believe everyone should sacrifice a little luxury in order to help others during a national catastrophe. This is a wonderful opportunity for people all over the world to contribute what they can for a truly worthy project!

Olga Vareskic

I believe Andrea will achieve this goal

Hi Andrea, what a great idea! I am sure you will reach your goal and the family in Strasnik 66 will have their house by summer!

Jasna Capo , Professor of anthropology

Andrea and Nikica are providing us with the incredible opportunity

The honour and gratitude is all mine. A big thank-you to you and your husband for spearheading this incredible initiative. Good luck!! Let us all be grateful for what God has given us and share with those that are in need. Andrea and Nikica are providing us with the incredible opportunity to do just that and make a difference.

Christine Mocnaj

There is no greater gift than to be able to help

There is no greater gift than to be able to help someone else in need. Open your heart and let yourself feel gratitude for what you have. Then remember those who are in need and share what you can. We are all in this world together.

Regina Therese , Woman

A great cause

What a great cause. Let’s make this happen for the family in need.

Donatta Folk

Because it is necessary to help each other

Because it is necessary to help each other, because I like your project and because I completely fell in love with your country. Please imagine just for a minute to live like the family we are trying to help... Just for a minute. Three generations, no privacy, no home...

Lydia Cahojova

Our investment in one another is our saving grace

There are many causes to support that mirror our own personal values hopes and cultures. We as a community need to honor our commitment in any way feasible. Our investment in one another is our saving grace. We're all called. If you're here breathing, you have a contribution to make. -- Oprah Winfrey

Dave Vuchetich , Contributor

Even the smallest donations matter

I live in Sydney, Australia and have a wonderfully blessed life. I have the means to donate and support those in need, and it brings me great joy that I can be blessed to be a blessing to others. Even the smallest donations, or acts of support, help and matter. Giving up buying that top you wanted or your coffee for the week in order to help and support someone else in greater need is what brings true joy and true meaning to life.

Emma Kuebler

I heard my great grandmother's voice

My great grandparents came from Croatia. It is my ancestral homeland. When I heard the family speaking, I heard my great grandmother's voice. She would not want me to forget where we came from and who we are. I give in memory of her, Manda Plancich from Starigrad, Hvar. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mary Churchill

This is an important undertaking - Help if you can

I am a Croatian, regardless of where I live. I wanted to help those in need. Andrea and Nikica undertook this awesome project and I wanted to donate to help this family. This is an important undertaking. Help if you can.

Dagmar Cooper (Tomić) , Donor/Supporter

Entrusting your donation to Andrea is the best option

I am a born and raised California girl. I’ve grown up on the San Andreas fault line. I know all too well the devastation that earthquakes can cause and how horrific they can be. Entrusting your donation to Andrea is the best option to ensure it goes directly where it’s needed most and is not caught up in bureaucratic red tape. Andrea will make sure this family is well taken care of and that your money is well spent. Do some good in this world and spread the love. XoxoX

Tracie Backman , Just a helper and Lover of Croatia

What an incredible project

This is an incredible project for an incredible family. My son is autistic as well, and as a mother my heart aches with empathy for the family’s situation. My thoughts and prayers for the family and the entire community.

Sara Halfmann

Andrea is a godsend to bring us all together in this project

The Croatian people need us and the diaspora can help. If we all pitch in just a few dollars, euros, kuna.......we can build this house...and many more. I believe in this project and I believe in Andrea! She is a godsend to bring us all together in this project. I hope this is just the first house!

Helena Herceg Burke

Together in numbers we can accomplish anything

I love the idea, plus the family touched my heart. Together in numbers we can accomplish anything.

Natali Orlovic-Peros

We should all try to help out no matter how little

Helping fellow Croatians in need is a no brainer. We should all try to help out no matter how little ...

Miljenka Telesmanic

This projects changes history

To my fellow diaspora, let's make history and change this family's life for the better. 4 generations under one roof is priceless. We in the diaspora are fortunate. Let's share some of our good fortune for this wonderful project.


Let it be a price for one coffee, one bread or one beer

When the quake hit, thinking how to help was in my every day agenda. I was searching numerous sources over the internet, asking my friends in Croatia about legit ways to transfer funds, so they can go to people in need directly. Until this project to build a certain house for the certain family appeared. I'm very happy I could help with my modest contribution into this project and hope that soon we all be celebrating the home welcome party for the people we built this home together! ❤️ Please help with the smallest amount possible! Do not think it's not enough because each and every amount counts! Let it be a price for one coffee, one bread or one beer ☺️you can pass on as your donation - just do it because when you do it, you will feel great. Why? Because you helped someone...❤️

Beata Fedorcio

Hope is your one donation and all the possibilities that emerge from it

Croatia adopted me, my family and our hearts during the time I was teaching at the university. I am so grateful for my friends and community in Croatia who, to this day, always share generosity, love, conversation and laughter. Our family is donating to Hope House because we know how much community support matters. Croatia taught us that. We are humbled to share. We also love that Andrea is working to make this a long term sustainable solution in the tradition of the region using the natural resources. Houses are homes and shelters for our most cherished relationships. It's where we share love, traditions, stories and hope. It's where we make & eat the best food. It's where we experience love what words cannot teach. Croatia has welcomed us and has given us so much that we can never truly repay. We want to share our love, respect and gratitude back to our heart (and stomach) home. The hope of Hope House is contagious is the best way. It is the power to accomplish the most impossible-seeming projects in community with one another. Hope is the Salamun family and their future. Hope is a drip in the bucket that eventually overflows. Hope is your donation that shelters a family and creates a safe space for future generations. Hope is feeling connected when we feel so separate during the pandemic. Hope is your one donation and all the possibilities that emerge from it! Hope is giving and living from the heart.

Michelle Morkert

When the heart and mind come together

"The best charity uses the head, but it can’t happen without the heart". Having met Andrea and knowing a bit about her I believe that she will employ both to finish this great project successfully. In these uncertain times, it may be tempting to try and hide from the world. These are hard times for almost anyone on the planet. On top of the pandemic, people in Petrinja earthquake lost their homes - the place most of us consider the only safe place at the moment. Lots of people that now need help were already disadvantaged in many ways. Help is needed and if you can contribute the money - it should be easy enough to do it without too much thinking - especially, thanks to Andrea, knowing exactly who and how this money will be spent!

Andrijana Švajcer

The good people will eventually win out

Thank you for being showing the true spirit of what it will take to get Croatia moving in the right direction. With people like you, it will continue on its path of becoming a normal and functioning country.

People always forget it is a long and arduous process to create a country that its citizens can be proud of. For Croatia, there have been many detours during this last century. For me, at least, I remain optimistic. I met many more “good” people than “bad” people during my time there…

Marijan J.

How to donate to our earthquake campaign

Donate directly to our charity

Please consider donating directly into our account to avoid paying 4% fee that most fundraising platforms take. We have set up a charity called CRO SAGA to legally administer the project. You will see the name CRO SAGA on your invoice. 

Pay via IBAN

You can use a bank transfer to wire the money into our bank account via IBAN and SWIFT numbers. 

Click For Bank Details

Charity Name: Cultural And Creative Tourism Association “Cro Saga”
Account Type: Business
Account Name: CRO SAGA
Business Email:
Currency: Euro
IBAN: HR4523600001102794500
Bank Name: Zagrebacka banka
Bank Address:
Trg Bana Jelačića 10
HR - 10000 Zagreb
Purpose: Strasnik


For the sake of utmost transparency, we do have a dedicated fundraiser page HERE. Please know that if you decide to pay there, 4% fee + bank transfer fees will be taken out of your donation.

We know you have questions

We are so passionate about this campaign that we first spoke from our heart. Now, let's see what the house looks like and what is the estimated budget.


This project includes two equally important segments. Firstly, we are constructing the contemporary, safe and highly sustainable wooden house. Secondly, we are reassessing the importance of the traditional wooden architecture, particularly when it is reinterpreted through modern technologies.

The house we are building in Strašnik 66 will serve as a model for all other houses that we believe should be built in seismically active areas, such as this part of central Croatia.

The size of the house on the outside measures 130 m2 (1400 sq. ft.), which includes 95 m2 (1000 sq. ft.) of living space inside. It accommodated 5 members of the Salamun family: the father, mother, son, daughter and grandmother.

Aside from the wood's flexibility and safety as a building material, this house is smart in other ways too. It will have two types of solar panels (for hot water and electricity), a water filtering and recycling system and highly efficient thermal insulation. Its walls will be 60 cm (2 ft.) wide covered with the ventilated facade. 

How much the project costs

This project is a complete solution for the Salamun family, whose old house is labelled uninhabitable and needs to be demolished. Key parts of this project include:

- Geodetic surveying
- Drawing the house plan and design blueprints
- Obtaining the building permit and other legally required documents
- Demolition of the old house
- Building surveillance
- Construction and building work
- Construction and building supervision
- Carrying out interior design, decoration, and buying house appliances
- Obtaining the residential license
- Covering communal, municipal and other tax
- Registering the house in the land and property register
- Project administration
- Creating video records of the project progression for the purposes of transparency
- Producing a documentary film in order to explain, educate and promote the house as an earthquake-proof model house
- Taking care of VAT for building materials and construction work
- Paying the fee for the fundraising platform and banking transfers

The estimated budget to build the house is 125,000.00 Euro – which includes all of the items from above and is a complete solution for the family. They will literally be able to turn the key and move right in.

Over to you now... 

Go ahead and write your questions in the comments below and we’ll include them in our updates.

You can also CONTACT US directly. We reply to all emails. 

Fancy something similar?

  • Hello and many thanks for taking on this HUGE task. May God bless you and the project.
    I tried to donate $100 USD but was unable to do that.
    So, I converted $100 USD TO Euros and donated what was equal to $100.
    How did I do?
    Thank you
    Ellie Verb ic Nemeth

  • I have tried twice to make a donation via Pay Pal and I don’t believe it went through. Can you let me know if it didn’t and I will try again.
    Thank you,

  • I love this project and would like to contribute but I'm confused as to which way is the best way to contribute so that you get the most money. Please clarify. Thanks and best wishes for success!

      • How somebody can be sure that you really take this money for somebody or only in your pocket!?!?

        • People in my community know who I am and that I would never do what you are suggesting. Besides, the money is handled by a registered charity, not me as an individual.

          • Thats soinds very good sorry for asking . Hope you understand it , we have to many prople in this world which are doing wrong things.

            All the best for you and qwll done

  • sorry why you want spend so much money?

    this is to expensive search for an company fron Bosnia and hercegovina you can have an real woodenhouse between 20.000-60.000 euro

    • Hi John, thanks so much for your donation. We will be emailing all our donors with updates. Right now, we are in the first stage of raising funds from the community members, before we approach corporate partners.

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