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Croatian Easter is the time when we practice many traditions. These span from Shrove Tuesday, when we treat ourselves to the last rich dessert.

Then come the 40 sparing days of Lent (Korizma). They are filled with customs connected with the Catholic practices around the world. Still, our local variations are quite unique. You will love learning about them in the quiz.

I will teach you what trees we take for a blessing on Palm Sunday. Or what are some of the rituals performed during Easter vigil. Two of them are UNESCO-protected heritage.

You will hear about Žudije, a ritual enacted by a group of 13 young boys. This is practiced in various towns across Dalmatia. Žudije from Vodice are most well known.

During this time we have Easter processions. And one of them is world-known. Not only for its beauty but also because it takes during the entire night. You will learn where you can go and see it.

Croatian Easter dishes

Many Croatian Easter traditions involve food. This can be the practice of fasting and abstinence. Or preparing rich food to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Each food has its own symbolism. It is not only the recipes that matter. Easter meals carry deeper meanings. This is why you need to know when we prepare them and what we do with the food before we feast.

Easter eggs in Croatia are real eggs - not chocolate eggs. But they are also special, because we decorate them in all sorts of ways. You will learn how we call them and why.

Then, there is food that simply must be on your Easter breakfast table. And remember, Easter breakfast is not the same as Easter lunch. 

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