By Andrea Pisac - 1 Comments - January 28, 2022 min read

Dating in Croatia is fun but you need to know some basic rules. Only then you will feel accepted and enjoy the warmth of the local people. 

Let me just give you a few hints. People from other countries think Croatians are more traditional and patriarchal than the Westerners. Is this true? Probably. But before you start seeing this as a drawback, remember... This is the very magnet of both Croatian women and men. 

Girls in Croatia are more pronouncedly feminine. Men are more masculine, even if this means more patriarchal. You choose what you think about this. 🙂 

Read more about Croatian culture and mentality here.

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  • Thank you for these opportunities to learn about the people of Croatia! I watched a beautiful video on the floodplains and I could spend hours out in the natural beauty! Would alone time for that be a deal breaker to a potential croat friendship?
    Greatest love and Light- Divina F.

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