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What do you get when you compare the size of Croatia with the number of world famous Croatian people? A large percentage.

On a worldwide scale, Croatia is a small country. But countries are not only measured by their geographic size. It’s the people who emerge from a national culture that put their homeland on the map of the world.

This quiz will reveal which famous Croatian person is your alter ego.

When you get to the results page, you will learn:

  • who is your Croatian superhero
  • which of their superpowers you have
  • how to use them to thrive in your life

Most famous Croatian people have one thing in common.

They were shaped in and by a small locality of their childhood. A tiny island, a mystical mountain, even an arid hinterland. In essence, their identity was very Croatian.

But they also transcended it and carried it into the world.

Their stories got translated and their artwork was displayed around the world. Some played a sport with such gusto and mastery that their mark will always be remembered.

Let’s not forget Croatian inventions that improved the world so massively we can’t imagine our life without them.

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Now, when people get used to these breakthroughs, they tend to forget about who was the brain behind them. Imagine, for example, driving across a bridge. Do you wonder who invented such a clever construction which keeps everything together?

Some Croatian people are famous for their social and political work. Their ideas were so visionary at the time that they influenced the course of history.

Think of equality and human rights. Though not perfectly practiced, we live in a much more democratic world because there were people who fought for these grand visions.

All these people are part of the Croatian culture. So let’s imagine that each of us echoes some of their talents and characteristics.

I am talking art, sport, leadership, literature and inventiveness. But without revealing their names for the moment.

Who would be your alter ego?

Which famous Croatian person are you?

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  • Thanks for all of the Croatian’s collective creativity for bringing
    us to where we are as culture.
    The World Cup has boosted our
    Tourism to unbelievable heights.
    My American friends want to come & visit & see the beauty. My wife
    enjoys Facebook. God Bless Croatia
    Keep her Strong & Free !!!

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