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I recently discovered a great way to bring to life all my Zagreb Honestly walks. It’s called wikilocations. You can access the web-based portal to discover routes in just about any place in the world.

The trails are categorised by a type of activity and a mode of difficulty. They are uploaded and shared by passionate people who have ‘walked the path’ themselves.

Wikiloc walks | Zagreb Honestly

I have a user profile where I uploaded all my walks. Each comes with a description, a map, series of photos and various ‘waypoints’ that I marked as worth stopping by. You can browse all these walks in an easy and intuitive way. When you read a single walk post, I will give you the route embedded on a google map and a link to access the details on the wikiloc website.

You can also take the experience a step further. There is a wikiloc mobile application for both Android and iPhone. It lets you record your own walk but it can also synch with all other walks available on wikiloc – including mine!

To synch other people’s walks onto your mobile, you need to buy wikiloc navigation pack (you can do that through the installed wikiloc mobile app). The fee is around 3 Euro and it’s well worth the money. Once you download the trail, you only need to retrace it!

I don’t think you can ever get lost in Zagreb! I use wikiloc application not to save you from ending in a dead-end street, but to lead you to places you would never discover at your usual tourist rambles.

Zagreb is full of unusual nooks and crannies and you simply must have a guide to find these rare treats.

Two things to bear in mind when you go on a Zagreb Honestly walk with a wikiloc app:

  1. wear comfortable walking shoes
  2. know that wikiloc app uses a lot of battery on your phone

See you at one of the hidden Zagreb corners!

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  • Hi,

    You´re dead right about Wikiloc. It is a very useful app. It is the only one that I have found that gives an audible alarm when you stray off the track and get back onto it. That´s not quite as useful as turn-by-turn instructions, but then it doesn´t cost as much as a fully-fledged GPS and it includes hiking and biking trails that most of those don´t.

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