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If you want to experience Zagreb with all your senses, my Zagreb video series is here to help. 4 season of my Zagreb vlog 'Zagreb Shortcuts' brings 31 episodes. Watch them and you can feel Zagreb even before you get here.

I worked in the cooperation with Zagreb Tourist Board. And during these four years, I filmed about the best and least known topics. My goal was for you to get the most authentic sense of the city. 

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Zagreb video episode by episode

Here is the list of all the episodes of the Zagreb Shortcuts vlog. 

Season 1, first half

1 - Zagreb cup of coffee

... teaches you all the trick of how the locals drink their coffee. It’s not about the types of coffee but about the ritual itself.

2 - Museum Hopping

... takes you on the journey through Zagreb’s most famous and fun museums. You will see some of the unique exhibits that you might miss out on.

3 - A bite to remember

... gives you the recipe of the Zagreb’s most authentic dish štrukli. You will want to recreate this dish at home after you try it on your visit.

4 - Zagreb lingo

... gives you a quick and fun vocabulary that only the Zagreb locals understand. Learn these easy expressions and you’ll blend in immediately.

5 - Summer Cool

... shows you a typical atmosphere in Zagreb in the heat fo the summer.

6 - The scenic route

SEASON 1, second HALF

... takes you on a less-trodden routes in the centre of the city. Sometimes it pays off to lose yourself in the alleyways you didn’t even know existed.

7 - The right place, the right time

... is all about how the local sense of time in Zagreb. You will see some of the rituals that mark the beginning, middle and end of our usual day.

8 - The hike

... guides you on the most famous hiking trail on the mount Medvednica. Hiking on the weekend is our favourite weekend past time, so join in.

9 - Craft beer revolution

... introduces you some of the best local craft beers. You will see the inside of a small craft brewery and get recommendations on what to try yourself.

10 - In good company

... unveils some of the coolest sculptures of writers in Zagreb. They are sprinkled around the city, making you feel like you always have a friend by your side.

11 - Home for Christmas

... tempts you to come and visit our Advent market. It’s a Christmas fairytale at its best.

12 - From Zagreb with love

... is a fun retrospective of the entire year, shot in the style of the silent film. It’s set in an old train carriage.


13 - Zagreb reads

... delights all those bookworms that want to discover Zagreb through books. We go on a journey from the oldest manuscript from the 11th century.

14 - Light, camera, spring

... is an homage to Zagreb’s second largest festival that celebrates spring. Zagreb Festival of Lights is on every year and it is a great art show to see.

15 - The spice of Zagreb

... talks about the most famous cookie of Zagreb - the peppery biscuit called Paprenjak.

16 - Tied to Zagreb

... is the intriguing story about the tie. Here you’ll learn that the modern ties as we know it was invented in Croatia in the 17th century.

17 - Inner glow

... takes you on a trip through the atmospheric Zagreb cemeteries. And just in time to witness the important All Saints’ Day.

18 - The classy Advent

... is another look into the Zagreb Christmas feel. You’ll be tempted again to come and visit us in the winter.

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19 - Comings and goings

... shows you inside the stunning library of the Croatian State Archives. Here we keep the records of the people who have immigrated from Croatia in the last 200 years - perfect for a genealogy research.

20 - The great Zagreb interiors

... gives you a unique peep inside the historic palaces in the Upper Town. You will probably never enter these places as a tourist so a video walkthrough is a must.

21 - Meštrović’s Zagreb

... speaks about Croatia’s most famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. You will see his sculptures and architecture in Zagreb.

22 - Zagreb Soloists

... is a music homage to the best known classical ensemble - the Zagreb Soloists. We’ll hear them play at some of the unusual sites, such as the Zagreb Zoo.

23 - Lado

... gives you an inside story of Croatia’s renowned ethno ensemble. They have performed all around the world but this vide is about their headquarters in Zagreb.

24 - Cracking Zagreb Advent

... is more about Zagreb during the Advent and Christmas season.


25 - What’s up, Zagreb

... tells you about how Zagreb locals survived the 2020 earthquake. It’s a story about resilience and rebirth of the city.

26 - The harvest

... shows you the lively Dolac market where you can stock up on the best seasonal and local food.

27 - Homemade Christmas

... teaches you how to craft your own Christmas decorations. These techniques are all based on traditional ethno artistry.

28 - Truffles of Zagreb

... reveals the little known fact that truffles grow on Zagreb’s Medvednica mountain too. You will go on a hunting trip with two amazing dogs.

29 - Zagreb mixology

... will delight you with stories and recipe for the most beloved local drink - a wine spritzer. Best yet, we are visiting vineyards that grow in the very city.

30 - Zagreb’s better half

... teaches you about Zagreb’s most widely read writer - Marija Jurić Zagorka. She was the first journalist in this part of Europe.

31 - Wonders of Zagreb

... is set during the Christmas time and tells a story about toys. You will learn about period toys through the stories about Zagreb toy designers and small factories.

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