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Is Zagreb your kind of city?

Zagreb is getting more popular by the day. In the last few years it’s literally been through the rags-to-riches transformation.

From a short stopover to the Adriatic Sea to the tourist capital of Croatia. And now even Lonely Planet names it one of 10 top destinations to visit in 2017.

Zagreb is hip yet alternative, vibrant but still unseen – a city with its own cool. It’s where you’ll see elegant Austro-Hungarian squares meet curious socialist architecture. And where the easy-going southern flair slows down the pace of life.

Zagren has an amazing street art scene and verdant parks at every city corner. Half an hour’s drive and you’re deep in the lush forests of Medvednica nature park.

Foodies come here to enjoy the fusion of Central European and Mediterranean dishes. Coffee buffs can’t believe their luck because in Zagreb coffee culture is king.

Most of all, Zagreb is a city where living is easy. A city which lets you live. And a place which makes you feel you’re the lead star.

Are you packing already?


There’s at least 101 things to do in Zagreb waiting to be discovered.

Now take the quiz and find out how you and Zagreb really fit together.

See you on the other side.

The Zagreb side.

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Feature photo by Julien Duval, quiz photos by Sanjin Kaštelan, Mario Romulić & Dražen Stojćić, and Marko Vrdoljak.

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  • Well, after learning I’m not very Croatian it’s a relief to know at least Zagreb is my soulmate 🙂

    I feel the same about Zagreb that I feel about my semi-adopted home of Sarajevo–if they were next to the sea I’d never want to leave either of them. I’m sure Zagreb has changed a lot, and for the better, since my last visit in 2006.

    • Lucija, you will have a huge pleasant surprise when you next visit Zagreb – it’s really gone through a massive change. The only thing it can’t do is move itself to the sea 🙂 but there are several Blue Flag beaches on Jarun Lake though! 🙂

  • Zagreb is my soulmate – it’s especially my shopping-mate 🙂 I’ve visited Zagreb once for just 1,5 days haven’t had enough time to explore the city at all. But the first day I went out to explore it by foot, the first thing I did was vintage & second hand shopping. I just couldn’t stop. So I can definitely recommend Zagreb for Vintage Shopping nerds 😉

    Thanks for the quiz, it was a blast 🙂


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