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I can think of at least three reasons why being offline in Croatia is a deal breaker for you.

You’re a business person who works on the fly – publishing, designing, trading. And in the meantime maybe even checking the remote camera feed to see if your empty house is OK.

You need to check in with your social media following, for work or fun. Post a photo here, a meme there. You know what they say: if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist.

Croatia Pocket Wifi Roamfree Ninja

And if you’re like me, you cultivate a lifestyle of a solitary socialite.

It’s when you yearn for isolation, somewhere deep in the countryside or far off the coast. But at the same time, you’re connected to everyone.

In reality it looks like this.

Last week I spent 3 days in the snow-bound hills of Međimurje. My view from the house was to sweeping frosty vineyards. And inside, I gazed at the flickering flames of the fireplace. I needed that solitude.

Croatia Pocket Wifi Roamfree Ninja

But each time I got outside and roamed through the frozen wilderness, I would stop and snap a few photos.

The river Mura emerged in a rare apparel. Its oxbow lakes turned into ice-rinks, inviting dogs to fool around on the smooth surface.

I thrive on such peaceful solitary experiences. And then, the socialite in me craves to share them with you.

I need to be connected all the time.

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Croatia pocket wifi makes sure you’re connected

I quite like that the Međimurje house where I stay has no internet. If I want to go off the grid and finish that novel, it’s a perfect place.

But this time, it was just leisure so I brought a pocket wifi device called Roamfree Ninja. I wanted to test it and write a review.

We were four people and all of us connected to its wifi signal at the same time. The device, which is smaller than a smart phone, acts as a router, alllowing up to 14 people to use it simultaneously.

Roamfree Ninja’s battery kept going for 5 hours. I carried it around in my rucksack. And when the battery went flat, I recharged it through my laptop with a USB cable.

Croatia Pocket Wifi Roamfree Ninja

Croatia is great with free wifi access in cafes and restaurants. But this time I loved being able to share awesome photos of the frozen river on the spot!

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Roamfree Ninja Review

Since I moved to Croatia, I have had a local mobile subscription which gives me 4G internet. But there was a time when my main phone was with a UK provider. Whenever I was in Croatia, I used a phone with the pay-as-you go plan. Not ideal for surfing.

From that perspective, let’s first cover the good points of Roamfree Ninja.

Roamfree Ninja Pros

1 | Internet without a local sim card

Many Croatian mobile providers have special phone and data deals for tourists. The price may be competitive, but you need to insert a local sim into your phone.

For some people, this is not an option. If you have a locked phone, you won’t be able to do that.

2 | Unlimited internet traffic with 20GB per day at full 21.5 mbps broadband speed

One thing I hate is when I get the message from my mobile provider: you spent 1GB of data at high speed, we’re now switching you to slower connection.

I’m not a mobile phone wizard, but the experience has taught me to always read the small print. If your deal gives you 3GB of data, check what happens with the speed or your bill after that.

With Roamfree Ninja, it’s like surfing the internet at home.

3 | Proper wifi router

You can use your smart phone as a hot spot, but the battery will die in no time. Whenever I share my 4G internet with friends, my phone heats up and I have to find somewhere to plug it in.

This is not an ideal wifi hub. It’s even difficult to use your phone for anything else while the hot spot is on.

Roamfree Ninja can accept 10 (3G) or 14 (4G) connections.

4 | Roamfree Ninja arrives to your doorstep

You don’t have to walk around a city to locate a mobile phone shop. When you order Roamfree Ninja, it arrives to your designated address in Croatia. It can be a private accommodation, hostel, hotel, camp.

And when you’re leaving Croatia, you just pop it in the pre-paid envelope and post it back. No hassle.

Roamfree Ninja Cons

1 | If you don’t choose the right device, connection can be slow

Roamfree Ninja device comes with either 3G or 4G internet. Both work, but here’s what you need to know.

3G signal has been around longer and so it’s supposed to be more widespread. But some remote areas which only recently got coverage offer only 4G signal. In that case, your 3G device will only be able to connect to the slower EDGE signal.

If you choose a 4G device, you have more room for manoeuvre. If your area has only 3G signal, your 4G device is able to downscale.

You can check the signal distribution across the whole of Croatia.
When you know exactly where you are going, it will be easy to decide on the device.

2 | Roamfree Ninja costs more than a sim card data package

I have not tested packages for tourists that some Croatian mobile providers offer. But the average price is around €10 for a week’s usage. Some have unlimited data, others in the range of 2-3GB.

This is how much Roamfree Ninja costs:

3-14 days: €8.95 a day
15-45 days: €7.95 a day
45+ days: €6.25 a day

If you are the only person using the internet and you don’t need much traffic volume, this price sounds steep.

On the other hand, Roamfree Ninja is perfect for people who handle large files because the data is unlimited.

The device also proves economical if you are travelling in a group. For the fixed price, everyone in your family or team can share the same connection without going over the data limit.

If this sounds like a good solution, make sure to book through this post to get a 10% discount!

Just use the PROMO coupon: andrea10

Order your Roamfree Ninja with 10% discount

Now you can ‘make sure you’re connected’ when you’re in Croatia.

This is an affiliate link which means that I will make a small commission with absolutely no cost to you.

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  • Thank you so much for this info. Am planning a trip to Croatia this coming April and came across your blog.

    Was using a pocket wifi in Japan last year, it’s so convenient.

    Looking forward to your free guide soon.

    Thank you again

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