I like to keep in touch with you all. So let’s imagine you haven’t stopped by in a while. And we haven’t been liking and sharing each others posts on social media. When we meet again, you might be wondering what I’m up to these days…

What's Zagreb Honestly doing right now

Here’s what I’m doing right now:

  1. I’m exploring storytelling in the video format. You can tune into my newest project Zagreb Shortcuts vlog to see the episodes I made so far.
  2. I’m researching the cultural and literary history of Zagreb. Writers have a deep bond with their cities. Cityscapes become backdrops to their stories. And some cities are so characterful that they even become the driving force of a novel. Zagreb has inspired lots of great writing. I’m doing the digging right now.
  3. I have a deep fascination with maps. My current project-in-the-making is mapping out hometowns of outstanding Croatian people, such as artists, sportsmen, inventors, etc.

My NOW page is part of the bigger project Nownownow launched by Derek Sivers. If you have a website, you too can create a now page and add it to the community board.

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