Andrea Pisac | Zagreb Honestly

My name is Andrea Pisac and I’m the creator of Croatia Honestly

a unique travel blog that will inspire you to travel slow and deep.

I’m a fiction writer and an anthropologist. By default I look at ordinary things, places and events from unusual perspectives.

You know how it usually goes with stuff that surrounds us day in day out? We become accustomed to them so we stop noticing.

I lived in London for 12 years where I finished a PhD in anthropology. Learning about new people and places is my passion and profession.

When I returned to Zagreb, I found myself in a unique position – I became both an insider and an outsider.

I know my country like the back of my hand but I also show my readers ordinary things from extraordinary perspectives.

My most valuable lessons

​I learned my lesson from working hard in the academia – we all need to slow down and play more.

There’s not enough empty time in our lives dedicated to daydreaming, being with the ones we love or just being full-stop.

I live with two lovely British shorthaired cats – Lucy and Švrćo aka Batman.

Love is the reason why I returned to Zagreb.

His name is Nik.

Andrea's Cat Batman

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