Croatia Honestly frequently asked questions

How often do you post?​

I post 2-3 articles a month. All my posts are heavily researched and illustrated with high quality photos. It takes time to create valuable content and I prefer quality over quantity.

Whose photos are in your blog posts?

I am sometimes lucky to take a great photo with my iPhone. Otherwise, I work with amazingly talented photographers Sanjin Kaštelan, Saša Pjanić and Julio Frangen. Check out my new Photos of Croatia series and contact me if you would like to have your photos of Zagreb and Croatia featured on Croatia Honestly.​

Can I write for Croatia Honestly?

I sometimes accept guest posts, but you should submit your ideas for approval first. Please contact me before writing the article.​

Do you accept sponsored blog posts or content?

No, my integrity isn’t for sale.​

Will you review my product or service?

I write about goods and services in Zagreb and Croatia but these are my personal opinions and not solicited reviews. You can always contact me to inform me of the cool stuff you are doing (cafes, restaurants, accommodation, souvenirs), but I reserve the right to choose if and how I will review them.​

Can I republish your blog posts?

You are free to republish an excerpt from any of my blog posts (300 words or less) with my credit and the backlink to the original post.​

Can I interview you?

Yes. Use the contact form to get in touch and talk it over.​

What is your favourite thing to do in Zagreb?

Aimless walking and coffee drinking.​

What are your favourite cafes and restaurants in Zagreb?

I love drinking coffee at Eli’s Caffe, Velvet, Kinoteka and Divas. When I choose a place to eat, it needs to be somewhere with a cozy atmosphere, pleasant staff and a menu that includes fish. I go for Sherry’s Wine & Bites, Bistro Fotić, Bistroteka or Mali bar.​

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