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Every day I meet people who are planning to visit or even relocate to Croatia. I recognise the urge: I swapped my life in London for Croatia and never once regretted the decision.

But I also know you are full of questions: where to go, what to see, how to navigate the mentality, how to be part of the local life, so you can have the most of this great country.

Istria Croatia

Rovinj, Istria. Photo by Sasa Pjanic

So, I decided to write a book about Croatia. A book on how I managed to create a thriving life in a country that is still an uncharted territory.

But this book is not only about me. It’s about how you can do the same, no matter if your plans are only to visit for a short while or to make Croatia your new home.

And if there is one thing I need to do a good job writing it – it’s your help.

So why not take a moment and share your opinions, advice and suggestions down below?

I’ll treasure your every response. And as a gift, I’ll send you a collection of the best parts of the book once it’s finished.

You’ll get an exclusive pre-publication pdf as soon as I put the last word on paper. I promise.

Hey, and if any of your friends have the same obsession with Croatia, make my day and share this simple quiz with them!

Many thanks,

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