Savoury Pancakes – Zapečene palačinke

Monday is for Palačinke

No one really loves Mondays, right?

We need to get back into our routine but we are oh so lazy from that deliciously slow Sunday.

This is why we’re making a special something... really scrumptious... such as...

Baked pancakes!

Croatian pancakes are thin just like the French crepes. They are incredibly versatile.

Actually, there’s a chance you had them for your Sunday breakfast.

And if this is so, easing into Monday is a piece of cake for you. What a clever trick, right?

Baked pancakes can be sweet or savoury.

Today, we are making them savoury - they are our quick lunch.

But quick doesn’t mean plain.

You’ll see, if you ever had štrukli, these baked pancakes will remind you of them.

Very similar aromas, but much less effort.

A perfect start of the week.

Let’s get cooking!


  • Print your recipe in RESOURCES below
  • Cook your Croatian baked pancakes
  • Share photos of your dish in Croatia Insider FB Group
  • Share photos on Instagram with the hashtag #crocookchallenge


Ask any technical questions in the comments below each lesson. I am here to help you each step of the way. 

Use the FB group and Instagram only to show off how great you're doing!  

Don’t forget to tag a friend in your social media post and spread the word about this challenge. 

Be a sport and comment on other people’s posts too!


Resource 1

Savoury Pancakes Recipe

  • These look awesome. If I’m successful I’ll post a picture to my social media lol. My mom always baked for us. I was never interested at the time but not I want to learn.

  • I made the ‘zapečene palacinke’ tonight for dinner!

    Looks good, smells amazing…. I’m about to dig in

  • Andrea, are you using a non-stick crepe pan? Also like your spatula, gets under the pancake to the center to loosen and flip. Just wondered if you had a source for it as well. Thanks, Teresa

    • Ys, it’s a non-stick pan. I buy my spatula in a regular shop in Croatia. If you don’t have that in shops near you, Amazon is always a good place to look for it.

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