Learn how to cook simple Croatian meals that you grew up eating

Ready to recreate all the flavours from your mama or baka's kitchen?

Join my 7-day Croatian cooking challenge.

And become a Croatian chef in a week!

Cooking your grandma's dishes

  • We are cooking 7 simple lunch dishes.
  • We are doing it together and cheering each other on
  • We are sharing photos in Croatia Insider FB Group.
  • We are making you a chef in your own kitchen!

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Polenta – Pura or Žganci

Pasta With Cabbage – Krpice sa zeljem

Potato Pie – Lezibaka

Croatian Bean Soup -Grah

Lazy Crumpled Burek – Guzvara

Breaded Chicken – Pohano

Sweet Cheese Pie – Pita od sira

How I will be teaching

  1. 1
    Daily video recipes and support in the comments. You will get precise and detailed instructions before you cook and useful feedback after each dish.
  2. 2
    Detailed written recipes with precise ingredients and quantities. Each recipe is available in a written form too, accompanied by step-by-step method. 
  3. 3
    Community accountability and support.  You will never be alone. You will cook with other course members, mingle and receive support from me. 

What you'll learn from this cooking challenge

How to cook a delicious meal in 30 minutes

We all know home-cooked food is healthier and more comforting. But without someone to show us, cooking can feel daunting.

I will show you how you can rustle up a tasty and nutritious meal in no time.

How to cook up a storm with few ingredients

Our grandmas were minimalists without even knowing what this meant. They knew how to use whatever they had at hand to create a feast.

You'll learn to cook with less to create more flavors and more enjoyment.

How to cook and eat like a Croatian

I bet food is the first thing you think about when you think of Croatia. But there is more to Croatian cuisine than the recipes alone.

I'll remind you why Croatians are naturally healthy and how you can remember this old wisdom.

How to enjoy food without compromising your waistline

You've see those lean Dalmatians, right? They eat whatever they like and don't put a gram on. How?

It has to do with our eating habits, and how we cycle our fasts and feasts throughout the week. 

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Join my 7-day Croatian Cooking Challenge NOW

  • Recreate your grandma's meals in your own kitchen
  • Cook together with other Croatia fans
  • Learn the Croatian wisdom of simple, hearty and healthy eating

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ANDREA PISAC  //  Author

I’ve helped thousands of people (re)connect with Croatia through food, history and culture.

There is nothing I love more than reviving Croatian traditions. When I see how our rich culture touches the lives of everyone who spends time here, my mission is complete.

Now, it’s your turn.

And the easiest way to share love is to feed our tummies.

So let’s get cracking. I look forward to your cooking success.

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