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Join my Sarma masterclass and perfect this iconic Croatian dish even if you're a kitchen novice... or the recipes you tried so far disappointed you. 

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have you been trying to recreate your mama's sarma but could never get it to taste the same? 

We all love the dishes from our childhood. But when we try to cook them ourselves, they never taste as sweet as we remember them. Why? Because our traditional food is not passed down in a traditional way any more: face to face. I created my Sarma Masterclass to solve this problem.

Why do we always feel nurtured by a warm bowl of food made by our mama or baka? But when we try to follow the very recipe they gave us, the dish never tastes the same?

For a long time I thought I was my fault. Did I do something wrong? Did I not do something I was supposed to?

As my sarma mastery grew, I began thinking it had to do with incomplete and vague recipes I was given by the women in my family. I am sure you experienced the same. When the ingredients are just casually mentioned and the amounts are supposed to be measured by intuition. 

So now it was them, not me, right? (I am giggling now). 

After years of tweaking and fine-tuning every detail in the sarma recipe, I was not closer to solving the mystery: why my mama's sarma tastes divine? 

By then I was totally convinced that our mothers and grandmothers kew some secret sarma code that eluded us. 

So, one day I got this crazy idea. Let's make a sarma masterclass.

Let's record the entire process of passing down the art and skill of making sarma. 

Surely, the secret sarma code would transpire in the process. And so it did. 

As my mama is teaching me, I am teaching you. And by being both a student and a teacher, I get my lightbulb moment. A few of them, actually. 

Here's what I know today. Your sarma will be perfect once you master the recipe. You need to know the right ingredients, the ratios, why fried and not raw onion in the filling, why this and not that. 

But at one point, you need to start forgetting those strict rules and allow your intuition to guide you. This is the secret sauce, the sarma code. 

But, alas, you will never get there if you skip the rules, the practice and the practicalities.

So NOW I have both approaches in my sarma masterclass. You'll learn the rules, the reasonings, the whys. Then you'll see my mama in action, how she goes with the flow and allows the intuition to guide her. 

Ready to learn the secret sarma code? 

Join my Croatian Sarma Masterclass

To perfect Croatian sarma takes time and practice. My masterclass breaks down the recipe into 9 separate lessons. You will be guided step by step through 9 videos. My mama will demonstrate each technique, I will repeat it and explain the whys and the hows. This masterclass is interactive, allowing you to ask questions in the comments of each lesson. All you need to do now is roll up your sleeves and enroll!

Course Modules

Your Sarma Masterclass consists of 3 modules and 9 video lessons


Module 1: Perfect Sarma Filling

It all starts the with the right ingredients. And in the case of the filling, picking the wrong type of meat or not handling the onion right are the details that make or break your final dish. I'll teach you how to make the filling succulent but also compact enough not to crumble.


Module 2: How to Roll Sarma

There are many rolling techniques but only one has it all: it produces the nicest-looking sarma and keeps the filling safe inside. To perfect this technique, you'll need to learn how to properly prep your sauerkraut leaves. It will be a fun module!


Module 3: Cooking Sarma

We are finally cooking sarma. And not only in one way, but two. I'll show you how to make sarma with and without the roux. We'll also rustle up side dishes that are a perfect match for sarma. 

My  Style Of Teaching Cooking

If you've followed any of my recipes, you know that I am the queen of details. I love to teach cooking techniques and explain the whys and hows in every dish. Here are all the goodies you can expect from my Sarma Masterclass.

Best tips on the right ingredients

Before you get down to cooking, you will get guidelines on how to choose the right ingredients. Your Sarma Worksheet contains the recipe and the precise amounts in both metric and imperial measures. It is a downloadable pfd which you can use for future reference. 

Techniques explained and made easy 

If you were ever daunted by making sarma, this Masterclass will teach you the right techniques. The pace will be slow, step by step, taking nothing for granted. We will go through all the reasons why do something this way and not do it the other way. This will give us the opportunity to go through possible ingredients substitutions and of cooking different versions of sarma. 

The look and feel of the Masterclass

9 detailed videos are shot with 2 cameras so you will have a close-up of everything I do. You can stop, take a break, repeat a scene or watch the entire Masterclass at your own leisure. In fact, you can come back to it time and time again - it is yours to enjoy. Every lesson has a comments section. When you want to interact, just ask questions and you'll get replies form me and from the others. 

Main goal of the Masterclass

I want you to learn how to make a real homemade sarma. I am a big proponent of natural food and I don't use artificial seasonings (sorry, no Vegeta). I want the learning process to be fun. Yes, we are tacking a complex dish, but it is going to be entertaining because I'll spice it up with telling you stories about sarma. Plus you know it's always fun with my hubby in the kitchen. 

Ready to roll up your sleeves and roll the best sarma?

About Andrea

I’ve helped thousands of people (re)connect with Croatia through food, history and culture.

There is nothing I love more than reviving Croatian traditions. When I see how our rich culture touches the lives of everyone who spends time here, my mission is complete.

Now, it’s your turn.

And the easiest way to share love is to feed our tummies.

So let’s get cracking. I look forward to your cooking success.

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