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Join us every Wednesday for a live poetry reading from Croatia Honestly FB page. Tune into a live broadcast, ask Andrea questions, mingle with other poetry lovers. 

Show starts at 11 PM Croatian time (5 PM NYC, 2 PM LA, 7 AM Sydney)

Croatian Poetry Live

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Croatian Poetry Live past episodes

Ep 6 - 29 April, 11 PM, CET

Do you remember poetry you listened to as a child? Sometimes these verses stay with us the longest. Today we dedicate the session to Stanislav Femenić, one of Croatia's most prominent children's poets. 

Ep 5 -22 April, 11 PM, CET

In this episode I will take you on a nocturnal journey by reading out 4 'notturno' style poems by Croatia's most renowned poets: A. B. Šimić, A. G. Matoš, Miroslav Krleža and Tin Ujević. 

Ep 4 - Vesna Parun

Vesna Parun is one of the most important women poets in Croatia. Tonight we enjoy her classic love poem Ti koja imaš nevinije ruke [You With Hands More Innocent].

Ep 3 - Dobriša Cesarić

In this episode we talk about the simplicity and joy of Cesarić's poetry. Poems included are U suton [At Dusk] and Voćka poslije kiše [The Little Fruit Tree After Rainfall].

Ep 2 - A. B. Šimić

We feature Antun Branko Šimić and his topics of love, patriotism and art. Poems include Povratak [Return] and Pjesnici [Poets].

Ep 1 - S. S. Kranjčević

We discuss Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević and his pivotal role in the Croatian poetry. Reading includes famous poem Moj dom [My Home]