Help us plant trees in Croatia... For every Croatian Desserts cookbook we are donating 20% to the BORANKA forestation campaign

Why we are doing this and why you should join us

In 2019 we published Croatian Desserts cookbook.

It immediately became a bestseller.

But what's most important is that so many people wrote to us to share their experience. 

Some told us their family history and how the cookbook helped them learn about their culinary heritage. 

Some sent photos of the desserts that they successfully recreated in their own kitchen. 

Remember, Croatian Desserts first came out as an e-book. 

We wanted to keep it that way because we care about the trees and nature. But we also know that holding a book in your hands and having something tangible to give to the loved ones is precious.

Nature gave us trees so we could publish the cookbook.

This brought all of us closer. You connected with your family and we connected with you.

Now we ask you to help us give back to nature. 

To feel connected once again. 

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We are planting 200 trees, and then some more!

We have teamed up with Boranka, a campaign run by the Scout and Guide Association of Croatia. 

Boranka [Paint It Back] is Croatia's largest forestation campaign, run exclusively by volunteers. In the last 3 years they planted more than 65 thousands trees.

We will first help plant 200 trees to give back what 'we have taken' so far.

I have created a signature Boranka cookie as a symbol of our pledge. It's a lemon, lavender cookie with pine nuts and it tastes divine.

Help us plant even more!

As the time for Christmas gifting gets closer, why not choose Croatian Desserts to give to your family and friends!

This way you will have a great present and you'll know you have planted a tree in Dalmatia - probably your favorite holiday place.

20% to boranka

Every cookbook sold from this website enables Boranka to buy new seedlings. Only indigenous trees are planted.

gift that keeps giving

You will be giving back to Croatia. The forests of Dalmatia will keep you safe and cool during your holiday.

Bake boranka cookie

You will get the recipe for my Boranka cookie so that its scent keeps reminding you of Dalmatia.

Help us reach our dream tree numbers!

We are donating money for 200 new trees to be planted in inland Dalmatia. Our goal is to inspire you to help us plant 2,000 trees. Let's do this together!

200 trees

Our pledge: 200 trees

2,000 trees

Your help: 2,000 trees

What others said about the Cookbook

Here is just a small collage of what many of you posted on Facebook about Croatian Desserts cookbook. For more information about the Cookbook and its reviews, please see HERE

Watch Boranka in action!

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You'll enjoy this luxury edition with 224 glossy pages, 50 step-by-step recipes and 500+ color images. All spruced up with engaging culinary stories. 

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