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Croatian Classics:

100 savoury dishes to delight youor family and friends

Croatian Classics cookbook
  • Cook your favourite comfort food and reconnect with the flavours from your childhood.
  • Follow the illustrated, step-by-step process to cook a Croatian feast for your loved ones.
  • Discover Croatia's culinary heritage and become a Croatian chef like your Mom and Granny!

What you get in Croatian Classics  

100 recipes

100 recipes from every region of Croatia. From one-pot meals, dishes that are grilled, roasted, baked, boiled, to salads, soups and hand-rolled and hand-cut pasta. 

700 photos

This huge amount of photos makes sure that any level of cook can master whatever they pick in the cookbook. Expect some mouth-watering full-page images you won't be able to resist.

smart ingredients

No more struggle with converting ingredients from grams and millilitres. Everything is expressed in both metric and imperial measurements: think cups, pounds, ounces and tablespoons. 

stories and anecdotes

I bet you'd love to know the background of your favourite dish. Or maybe a reason why we eat a lot for lunch and why we adore one-pot meals. You'll find the stories in here too!

Bonus recipe

You get the most detailed recipe for our famous BUREK in the email. You won't find this iconic dish in the Cookbook. I am convinced you will succeed in making Burek from the first go. 

perfecft gift

This cookbook comes as a luxury hardcopy that makes a great gift. You will love it in your kitchen and, if you give it as a present, you will make your friends and family extremely happy. 

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This cookbook will become your everyday go-to kitchen bible

Ask a Croatian person about the best restaurant to visit in their city and they will giggle. Why? Because they know a secret, and sometimes... well, often, they are too polite to tell the truth:

The best food in Croatia is eaten in mama's kitchen - AT HOME!

But if you tried to learn your Croatian mama's culinary mastery, you probably ran into another problem. She has very few recipes written down. They're all in her brilliant head. She cooks day in day out with such ease you wish you could learn this great skill too. 

Unless you have your Mom or Grandma by your side to mentor you every step of the way... to show you what food should look and feel like at every cooking stage, you will struggle deciphering extremely vague recipes. 

"A handful of this, a pinch of that, not too soft but not too hard, cook until tender... "

You know what I'm talking about, right?

Now all this stops because my Croatian Classics will take you by the hand and show you the minutest details of every step of the process. 

100 recipes, 368 pages, 700 colour images, remarkably detailed method...PLUS all ingredients expressed in metric and imperial measurements 

There's no more excuses - you are a becoming a Croatian chef that you deserve to be!

Click on the images to have a sneak peak into the way recipes are laid-out!

How the cookbook is organised

CROATIAN CLASSICS is the cookbook of savoury dishes! Yes, there are no desserts inside because you already have Croatian Desserts cookbook, right? This cookbook is divided into 9 chapters with beautiful introductions into cooking and eating traditions for each. These chapters have their own logic - a Croatian logic - so let's review them one by one. 

  1. 1
    NA ŽLICU - The power of one-pot meals. This is the biggest chapter (because we love our by the spoon dishes) and it includes from bean soups, sarma, various goulashes and fish stews, to vegetable pots.
  2. 2
    NA REŠ - Crispy and healthy, a match made in the oven. Dive into the sumptuous dishes roasted and baked in the oven. It's time to gnaw the bones and lick the fingers. Here, you'll find roast piglet, roast turkey with mlinci, baked octopus and many more. 
  3. 3
    NA ŽARU - Grilled and roasted by the power of glowing embers. We are making food alfresco. Expect lots of grilling and roasting peka style. This chapter features our mixed meat platter, ćevapi, ražnjići as well as veal, lamb and octopus peka style. 
  4. 4
    NA NAGLO - A quick bite from the pan. Let's make friends with our breaded delights, such as breaded chicken, hake, aubergines and the fabulous Zagreb style steak. There are also simple treats to pick from, such as mushroom and asparagus omelettes and frittatas. 
  5. 5
    NA LEŠO - Boiled but far from boring. It's time to discover the power of food lešo style, i.e. boiled and irrigated with olive oil. The chapter opens with the amazing braised beef - pašticada - but I'll also introduce you to lamb and fish lešo style. 
  6. 6
    POD MUS – Compulsory greens on the side. If you think salads are boring, think again. Croatians have lots of starchy options (potato and bean salads), creamy ones (French salad) and plenty of light and healthy bowls to choose from. Here come roast peppers, beetroot and creamed cucumbers.  
  7. 7
    ZA GUŠT - Starchy comforts that are good for the soul. Now we're talking real comfort food. From homemade egg pasta, Istrian rolled pasta to gnocchi. All this topped with delicious sauces, such as šalša, paštašuta or truffles. Black risotto is a must-try and so is the summer crowed-pleaser sataraš
  8. 8
    ZA DUŠU - Slurping your way to happiness. You must eat soup, Croatians would say. Here we are cooking sturdy bone broths and elegant chicken and fish soups. Tomato soup is in too. All this with plenty of homemade soup noodles and dumplings. 
  9. 9
    ZA POMAZAT - Sauces that make you polish the plate. I'll mention one word, and one word only: ajvar. Yep, it's here, with some other delicious sauces and relishes to take your food to the next level. 

click on this tab to Have a peak into the list of all recipes

1 | NA ŽLICU - The power of one-pot meals
1A | Thick, warm And Feels Like Home

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Sarma)
Stuffed Bell Peppers (Punjene paprike)
Savoy Cabbage Stew (Čušpajz od kelja)
Green Bean Stew (Mahune varivo)
Vegetable (And Meat) Casserole (Đuveč)
Chicken And Vegetable Broth (Ajngemahtec)
Artichoke Dalmatian Style (Artičoka na dalmatinski)
Barley And Leek Stew (Ričet i poriluk varivo)

1B | Beans, Beans And More Beans

Thick Bean Soup (Grah)
Bean And Sauerkraut Soup (Jota)
Bean And Sweet Corn Soup (Maneštra od bobić)
Bean And Pasta Soup (Pašta fažol)
1C | Fish Bowl Of Goodness
Fish Stew (Brudet)
Fresh Water Fish Pot (Fiš paprikaš)
Zander Ragout (Perkelt od smuđa)
Salted Cod Stew (Bakalar na ribarski)
Fish Pot From Hvar (Hvarska gregada)
Langoustines Busara Style (Škampi na buzaru)
1D | Croatian Flair For Steweing
Chicken Paprikash (Picekovo tenfanje)
Sauerkraut And Pork Goulash (Sekeli gulaš)
Mushroom Goulash (Gulaš od gljiva)
Wine Goulash (Vinski gulaš)
Shepherd's Stew (Čobanac)
Game Goulash (Gulaš od divljači)

2 | NA REŠ – crispy and healthy, a match made in the oven
Gnawing Bones And Licking Fingers
Egg-stuffed Meatloaf (Mesna štruca s jajima)
Roast Piglet (Pečeni odojak)
Roast Turkey With Mlinci Pasta (Purica s mlincima)
Roast Duck With Kasha (Pečena patka s hajdinom kašom)
Roast Chicken (Pečeni picek)
Veal Roast (Pečena teletina)
Slow Roast Lamb (Pečena janjetina)
Baked Octopus (Pečena hobotnica)
Salt Baked Fish (Riba u soli)
Potato Moussaka (Musaka)
Layered Potato Casserole (Francuski krumpir)
Baked Cauliflower (Zapečena cvjetača)

3 | NA ŽARU - grilled and roasted by the power of glowing embers
Playing With Fire, Coals And Ashes
Grilled Meat Platter (Miješano meso)
Croatian Pork Kebabs (Ražnjići)
Grilled Vegetables (Povrće na žaru)
Croatian Kofta Kebabs (Ćevapi)
Grilled Fish (Riba na gradele)
Grilled Sardines (Srdela na gradele)
Grilled Adriatic Squid (Lignje na žaru)
Veal Or Lamb Peka Style (Teletina ispod peke)
Octopus Peka Style (Hobotnica ispod peke)

4 | NA NAGLO - a quick bite from the pan
Breaded, Fried, Sautéed And Braised
Meat Patties (Faširanci/polpete)
Braised Sauerkraut With Sausage (Dinstani kiseli kupus s kobasicom)
Zagreb Style Steak (Zagrebački odrezak)
Breaded Chicken (Pohani picek)
Breaded Hake (Pohani oslić)
Breaded Aubergine Slices (Pohani patliđani)
Fried Fish (Frigana riba)
Mushroom Frittata (Fritaja s gljivama)
Asparagus Omelette (Omlet sa šparogama)
Croatian Shakshuka (Patakenjac)
Courgette Fritters (Polpete od tikvica)

5 | NA LEŠO - boiled but far from boring
Soft Food For Hard-boiled People
Croatian Braised Beef (Pašticada)
Easter Gammon (Uskršnja šunka)
Lika Lamb Pot (Lička kalja)
Pork Knuckle And Sauerkraut (Buncek i kiseli kupus)
Monkfish Lesho Style (Grdobina na lešo)
Boiled Beef (Junetina na lešo)
Swiss Chard Lesho Style (Blitva na lešo)
Boiled Cauliflower (Kaul na lešo)

6 | POD MUS – compulsory greens on the side
The Pick Of Salads: Green, Starchy Or Creamy
Potato Salad (Krumpir salata)
Bean Salad (Grah salata)
French Salad (Francuska salata)
Octopus Salad (Salata od hobotnice)
Roast Pepper Salad (Salata od pečene paprike)
Beetroot Salad (Salata od cikle)
Shredded Cabbage Salad (Kupus salata)
Cucumber Salad (Krastavci s vrhnjem)

7 | ZA GUŠT - starchy comforts that are good for the soul
7A | Come Home – Pasta Is For Lunch
Pasta With Cabbage (Krpice sa zeljem)
Rolled Pasta With Truffles (Pljukanci s tartufima)
Pasta With Meat Sauce (Paštašuta)
Tomato Salsa (Šalša)
Black Risotto (Crni rižot)
Mushroom Risotto (Rižoto od gljiva)
Summer Vegetables With Rice (Sataraš)
Rice And Peas (Rizi bizi)
7B | Not Just Bulk: Delectable Sides
Flat Mlinci Pasta (Mlinci)
Croatian Flatbread (Lepinje)
Homemade Egg Pasta (Široki rezanci)
Istrian Rolled Pasta (Pljukanci)
Potato Gnocchi (Njoki)
Steam Yeast Dumplings (Dizani knedli)
Creamy Mashed Potatoes (Pire krumpir)
Fried Mashed Potato (Restani krumpir)
Polenta (Palenta)

8 | ZA DUŠU - slurping your way to happiness
8A | Sturdy Bone Broths And Elegant Fish Soups
Soup With Štrukli (Štrukli na juhu)
Tomato Soup (Juha od paradajza)
Roux Soup (Ajnpren juha)
Zagorje Soup (Zagorska juha)
Clear Beef Soup (Govedska juha)
Chicken Soup (Kokošja juha)
Fish Soup (Riblja juha)
8B | Hand-cut, Grated, Dropped
Semolina Dumplings (Noklice od griza)
Soup Noodles (Rezanci za juhu)
Egg Dumplings (Žličnjaci)
Grated Egg Pasta (Trenica/tarana)

9 | ZA POMAZAT - sauces that make you polish the plate
Red Pepper And Aubergine Relish (Ajvar)
Cottage Cheese And Sour Cream (Sir i vrhnje)
Tomato Sauce (Sos od paradajza)
Horseradish Sauce (Sos od hrena)
Dill Sauce (Sos od kopra)

What other readers are saying:

Paul Musin


Andrea has followed up her fantastic Croatian Desserts cookbook with the most comprehensive, dynamic book published yet on the diverse Croatian cuisine. Again, this is not just a cookbook, but an education into Croatian culture, and a mouth-watering journey through the different regions of the country via 100 classic recipes.

PAUL MUSIN  //  editor of Croatia Week

Slavica Habjanovic


This cookbook is truly a 'greatest hits' of the Croatian kitchen. Pisac dives into the social and anthropological roots of each category and sprinkles a strong dose of nostalgia throughout this incredibly comprehensive collection of recipes. A staple cookbook if you would like to master Croatian cuisine.

SLAVICA HABJANOVIC  //  author of Croatian Stories

Zeno Hromin


Andrea's book is so beautifully illustrated and designed in a way to tell a story about Croatian cooking and traditions, it will become an instant classic. It's been a long time since I’ve seen a book that makes me want to eat everything in it - if possible, tonight.

ZENO HROMIN  //  founder of Flavor of Croatia podcast

Sarah Hodge


Whether grilled, roasted, boiled, or baked, you’ll be sure to find a classic comfort food that calls your name in Croatian Classics! Come explore Croatia’s natural bounty, unique blending of cultures, and ancestral flavors in 100 step-by-step illustrated recipes perfect for any level of home cook. Dobar tek!

SARAH HODGE  //  contributing writer for The Japan Times

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Jenny Hartin


Filled with comforting dishes like Bean and Sweet Corn Soup, Mushroom Goulash, and a Layered Potato Casserole it is a perfect book for chilly autumn and winter evenings. But wait, there is a chapter on firing up the grill as well as a section on salads for any time of the year. Andrea is generous with her anecdotes, instructions, and myriad process photographs – that anyone can pick up this book and cook.

JENNY HARTIN  //  Cookbook Junkies and Eat Your Books

Jon Bousefield


Both exhaustive and easy to use, this is the best overall introduction to Croatian cuisine you can get in one volume. Inspirational, practical, and with an anthropologist's eye for cultural background, it's the kind of book that will set you marching into your kitchen straight away.

JONATHAN BOUSFIELD  //  author of the Rough Guide to Croatia

Rosa Rajkovic


As the leading authority on Croatian cuisines, culture, and history, Andrea Pisac’s Croatian Classics will become your favorite go-to everyday cookbook. You will enjoy reading Andrea’s writing about the background and history of Croatia’s cooking as much as you will love the mouthwatering recipes and luscious, step-by-step photographs. Almost every recipe can be a meal by itself. 

ROSA RAJKOVIC  //  James Beard Chef Finalist, Author, and Screenwriter

Robert Jerin


At last a cookbook written for the English speaker filled with authentic Croatian recipes. The instructions are well written with both metric and American measurements. A fitting tribute to our culinary heritage. Can’t wait to get cooking.

ROBERT JERIN  //  Croatian Heritage and Genealogy

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