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By Andrea Pisac - 8 Comments - September 6, 2017 min read

Best of Croatia in 2016: tourism

1. Travel and Leisure names Croatia the best destination in the world

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Brijuni Islands, photo by Renco Kosinozic, courtesy of the Croatian Tourist Board

Every year, one of world’s top travel magazines votes for the most desirable tourist destination. Their editors’s pick was actually Portugal, but the readers chose differently. The travellers’ hearts spoke and Croatia won by 4%.

Find out why the Adriatic Sea is the most beautiful in the world!

2. Croatia is the most googled travel destination

Google knows best where the world wants to go on a holiday. According to their algorithms, searches and clicks, the answer is simple and unanimous: Croatia.

3. Stiniva gets voted as Europe’s best beach

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Stiniva beach, photo courtesy of European Best Destinations

European Best Destination readers pick Stiniva beach as the most beautiful in Europe. For 10,000 global travellers this spectacular bay beats anywhere on the coast of Portugal, Spain, Greece and Corsica.

4. Zagreb defends its title as Europe’s best Christmas market

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Zagreb Advent, photo by Davor Rostuhar, courtesy of the Zagreb Tourist Board

Zagreb has outdone itself in throwing the best Advent festivities so far. The city defended its last year’s title as the best Christmas market. 33,607 voters said so on the European Best Destinations website.

5. Zadar gets crowned as Europe’s best destination

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Zadar Sun Salutations, photo by Aleksandar Gospić, courtesy of the Croatian Tourist Board

With gorgeous sunsets, the sea organ and sun salutations, Zadar is now officially the best of Europe. Better than Paris, London, Rome and Prague… Majority of 288,000 readers voted so. Luka Modrić’s FB campaign to choose his hometown helped too.

6. Dubrovnik hits the milestone of 1 mil tourists

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Dubrovnik Stradun, photo by Sergio Gobbo, courtesy of the Croatian Tourist Board

Last year, it was Zagreb. Now ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’ will remember 2016 as the year when it welcomed its one millionth tourist. The success is not without challenges. Let’s hope the city comes up with inventive ways of channeling eager travellers.

Best of Croatia in 2016: culture

7. NME includes InMusic among 12 best music festivals in the world

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
InMusic Festival with tesla Tower, photo by Filip Bušić, courtesy of InMusic

The locals have adored InMusic since its beginning. And now this 3-day music galore on the Zagreb Lake Jarun gets a massive recognition.

8. Kino Europa wins the best European cinema award

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Cinema Europa, photo courtesy of Zagreb Tourist Board

In the sea of cineplexes, this iconic cinema stands out with its independent character. Now the winner of the Best Programming Award, it continues to be at the forefront of cultural and social events.

9. Lonac among world best murals

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Lonac ‘Nitpicking’, photo courtesy of Widewalls

Widewalls magazine has included Croatia’s top street artist Lonac among world’s most beautiful murals. In the 2016 finale is Lonac’s new masterpiece ‘Nitpicking’, painted in Rijeka.

Find more of Lonac and Zagreb street murals!

10. Museum of broken relationships opens in Hollywood

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
a museum exhibit, photo courtesy of the Museum of Broken Relationships

This unusual place where break-ups heal through art is already Zagreb’s most visited museum. From June 2016, the Museum opens a franchise in Hollywood LA. Let’s hope it helps there too.

11. Netflix comes to Croatia

It is now legal to watch all our favourite TV shows online. For a small subscription, HBO comes to rescue us from the otherwise dull TV program (HRT 3 excluded!)

12. Croatia becomes a free reading zone

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Croatia Reads Facebook photo

And for no subscription at all, everyone in Croatia can access a free digital library. You can read and download more than 100,000 books through Croatia Reads app. Even with abysmal reading rates, we are the first country in the world to become a free reading zone. Hats off!

Update: the Croatia Reads app was free during the Christmas 2016 holidays. Visit their FB page to learn about their plans for the future.

13. Croatian typography for Louvre

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Louvre typography, photo courtesy of Vizkultura

Croatian designers Sandro Dujmenović and Marko Hrastovec authored the new typography of the Louvre. Their Louvre Sans and Louvre Serif appear on the Museum’s new logo and visual identity.

14. Awards for Zadar and Vukovar museums

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Vučedol Culture Museum, photo courtesy of Vukovar Tourist Board

The East Centric Architecture Triennale awards Zadar and Vukovar museums. Archeological Museum in Zadar for the best interior design. And the Vučedol Culture Museum for the best public building. What a major promotion of Croatia’s cultural heritage!

Best of Croatia in 2016: business

15. Filming in Croatia peaks

Game of Thrones season 7 continues filming at their favourite Dubrovnik sets. The city has also bewitched the producers of ‘Robin Hood: Origins’ and ‘Nightfall’ series. And earlier this year, Stradun was packed with the Star Wars characters.

No doubt, Dubrovnik has become a major movie star. Let’s hope there’s soon an Oscar for the best set. Because we’ll win it.

16. Rimac Concept_One wins the fastest EV car race

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Rimac Concept_One, photo courtesy of Rimac

When racing against Tesla Model S P90D and Ferrari LaFerrari, Concept_One proved the fastest. All praise to Rimac. They say, the only slight problem is that the car can’t be bought in a store. Only custom-made on order 🙂

17. Istria named the world’s best quality oil region – again

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Istrian olive grove, photo by Ivo Biončina, courtesy of the Croatian Tourist Board

Flos Olei, the annual ‘Bible’ of premier olive oils, praises Istria as the best olive oil region. They made its pick out of 1,800 world oils.

18. Borovo makes a breakthrough in the US

The best of Croatia 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Borovo in US Vogue, photo courtesy of Borovo Facebook page

Croatian shoe brand Borovo hit it big when US Vogue showed love to their pink startas shoes. Borovo USA has built the brand awareness through the startas unique story and hand-made quality.

Best of Croatia in 2016: sports

19. The most successful Olympics ever

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Sinković brothers, photo courtesy of

This year Croatia broke its Olympic record. We came home from Rio de Janeiro with ten medals (five gold, three silver and two bronze).

Gold went to Josip Glasnović (shooting), Martin and Valent Sinković (rowing), Šime Fantela and Igor Marenić (sailing), Sara Kolak (javelin throw), and Sandra Perković (discus throw). You rock, guys!

20. Croatian Mountain Rescue team’s letter goes viral on FB

The best of Croatia in 2016 | Zagreb Honestly
Croatian Mountain Rescue Team in action, photo courtesy of HGSS (

Croatian Mountain Rescue (GSS) is a team of humanitarians who have rescued thousands in rugged mountains. Tourists included.

They are big-hearted, devoted and always on call. But there’s just one thing they’d like you to do: act responsibly. Like… don’t go hiking in flip-flops.

Their letter went viral on Facebook.

Did I miss any other uplifting events from 2016?

Share them here.

Let’s meet the New Year smiling.

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  1. Kako je sve predivno, rezultat je to običnih, pametnih malih ljudi. Gdje bi nam bio kraj da su nam i političari takvi…..

    1. Hvala Andrea for a wonderfull year of information blogs and stories may you have a spectacular 2017

  2. Thank you very much for all the interesting and inspiring contributions this year – hope to read more in 2017! I had a funny discovery when I looked through the Best Destinations website: I changed the language to German (my mother tongue) and could not believe my eyes when I came to a destination in Turkey because instead of Türkei (Turska/Turkey) they put Truthahn (pura/turkey – the animal) – hahaha! Further down the description of one of the best Croatian beach destinations the German was probably put together by a translation programme – nearly impossible to understand! What a pity. I think we should let them know… (I could do the translation into German). By the way, I didn’t check the Croatian version, maybe it’s dreadful, too…

    Happy new year to you and your family and kind greetings from Heidelberg


    1. Thank you, Irene. I wish you happy new year too. The thing about European Best Destinations doesn’t sound very good. Maybe you should contact them and suggest they hire a proper translator?

  3. Post from Croatia reads:
    Poštovani čitatelji,
    Probni period slobodnog čitanja za vrijeme blagdana i pilot Croatia Reads aplikacije je završen. Molimo vas da aplikaciju deinstalirate jer više nije pod sponzorstvom i nije dostupna u app storeu, a o novoj ćemo vas obavjestiti ukoliko se potvrdi sponzoriranje projekta u narednim tjednima. Hvala.

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